Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog Week 5.Entry # 8.Watch videoclip of a sheltered literacy lesson

Blog week 5 Learning  Topic 5: Foundations of Reading Comprehension
Entry #8.Watch video clip of a sheltered literacy lesson.
To promote comprehension of the story ”Esperanzo Rising” the teacher begins preparation work  two weeks prior to the actual reading of the story. Students talk about inferences and background knowledge. Background knowledge is essential for comprehension.
                         The teacher gives explicit instructions before reading. She is using sheltering instruction to  introduce new vocabulary: lots of visuals to explain the meaning of new words. Intermediate ELA students come up with definition and advanced learners use the key words in context.
Sheltering instruction is present through the whole lesson. The teacher uses different strategies to insure comprehension: students summarize the main idea, they work with graphic organizers, students fill out a comparison chart of activities they do with their families and activities the family in the story does. Students are asked to work in groups and, if necessary, clarify the ideas in their native language. The teacher makes cultural connections. She talks about superstitions and asks the students if they can understand what a superstition is and make connections with their cultural background. The teacher allows the students to interact with the text and explore ideas, she gives they time to think.
Throughout the story the teacher makes sure that her students understand the text, make inferences, make connections with the text, use their background knowledge. In post-reading assignments the teacher uses sheltered review. She reviews vocabulary, asks the students to connect to their background knowledge, uses visual prompts. Students are actively engaged, they use post-it notes. As the students are reading they are asking questions. They use post-in notes to write clues, to ask questions if they are confused. This sheltered and in depth approach to teaching assures comprehension of the story both by native speakers and ELA students.
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