Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog Week 7.Entry # 10. Create a rationale for giving homework

Entry # 10

Blog Week 7.
Entry # 10 Create a rational/purpose for giving homework and independent workObjectives for homework: to reinforce comprehension and application of the material learned in class.
Homework is part and parcel of instructional practices. It is not a busy work, it is a
constructive process that enables students to practice language skills acquired in class. A teacher
gives students homework to ensure comprehension and correct application. If there is no
homework following class work , students will not be able to move on to the next topic as
quickly as they should. In ELA classroom homework should be given with differentiated
approach in mind. The same graphic organizers can be used as homework assignments for Early
Production, Speech Emergency, and Intermediate/Advanced levels. When students come back
next day their assignments can be checked and discussed; starting with the lower level of English
speakers and moving up. If students have computers at home, they may practice spelling,
vocabulary, grammar, and reading comprehension prior to doing their homework. Computers
offer instant corrections, spelling prompts, and answers. Students who use educational web sites
are more likely to to do well on spelling quizzes and memorize new vocabulary faster. It is ideal
to recommend a web site that is a tutorial for American pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

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