Sunday, September 12, 2010

An interview with Karen Eggebraten

Blog week 1.Entry #1

An interview with Karen Eggebraten

Karen is a literacy and recovery specialist and works with K through 2 grade.

According to Karen, literacy should be a large block of the day with reading and writing . It's important to know the students' level. Instruction should be based on students' needs and strengths. Students should be given opportunities to read in small groups, large independent groups, with a partner.  There should also be opportunities to talk and discuss stories, build language development. 

Teacher should be assessing students with running records and monitor their growth and progress.
This information should be later applied to teacher's insturction.

Writing should be of multiple types: mini-lessons, dictations, interractive writing, indpendent writing.Writing should be child-centered. Students should be encouraged to share their work. Kareen is convinced that it is the job of a teacher to provide a framework, secure environment and encourage students to write. A good teache will help the studens to see themselves as readers and writers.

Reference: information obtained from Karen Eggebraten

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